Pinning Apps to the Windows 11 Taskbar and Start Menu: A Simple Guide

Make it easy to get to your favourite apps on Windows 11 by pinning them to the taskbar and Start menu. Follow our simple steps to put your most-used apps in these places so you can quickly open them whenever needed.



Imagine accessing your favourite or essential apps with just a single click. This is made possible by pinning apps to both the taskbar and the Start menu. After pinning your apps, there's no need to navigate through various menus and folders to access them.


In this article, I will guide you through simple steps to pin apps in both the Start menu and the taskbar. I'll ensure that you will be able to access your frequently used apps.


What are pinned apps?


Windows lets you easily pin apps to the taskbar and Start menu for quick access with just one click.


Once pinned, your app stays there until you decide to remove it. You can see pinned apps in the taskbar and the start menu.


Pinning apps is about making it easy to find your essential apps without hassle.

How to pin apps in the start menu and taskbar?


Easy way you can do it from the desktop and Start menu. Also, you can pin the app from the taskbar if your app is not already pinned.


Pin apps from the desktop


First, let me guide you on how to pin apps from your desktop. Here are the quick and easy steps I mentioned below.


1. Go to the desktop

2. Right-click on the app that you want to pin.



Now, your app will appear in the Start menu. You can check your Start menu. If you want to pin the same app to the taskbar, simply drag and drop it onto the taskbar.


Pin apps from the Start menu:


Here is an easy way to pin apps to the Start menu and taskbar. Just follow the steps below to pin your favourite apps in a few clicks.


1. Open the Start menu.

2. Search for the app that you want to pin.

3. Select your searched app.

When you click on the app, it shows some options, including "Pin to Start" and "Pin to Taskbar."


Alternatively, you can right-click on any app that you want to pin to the Start menu.

In the screenshot above, clicking on the app reveals a pop-up with the "Pin to Start" option. Additionally, there's another option labelled "More." Click on it to unveil further app options.


In the expanded menu, you'll find the "Pin to taskbar" option.


Now, your pinned apps will be visible in both the Start menu and on the taskbar.




In this article, I'll show you how to pin your favourite apps to the taskbar and Start menu for easy, one-click access.


I hope you find this guide helpful. If so, please share it with your friends so they can make the most out of their computers too.


Thanks for reading!

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